Reasons to Use SharePoint for Project Management

The project management capabilities of any organization can make or break their business. The most important thing for any company is to have effective project management skills and it can’t be understated in any case. After all, it is very important to turn great business ideas into reality. Therefore, if the company is not using the proper technique to boost the project management, then it is already out of the competition.

There are many project management tools available in the market ranging from basic to complex. Complex tools include all the management tools available by Microsoft Project. They provide unique features but are very expensive and also require developers with special skill sets to use them efficiently and effectively. But this doesn’t mean that every organization must go for complex tools to make their system accurate and manage their projects.

Microsoft offers SharePoint that is known as the best project management tool that can take your company’s project management approach to new heights. Therefore, in this blog, we will walk you through the details about SharePoint and how it helps in project management.

What is Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a technology by Microsoft that enables the development team to create websites. SharePoint can also be used as a secure place where users store their data, organize, share, and access it from anywhere and on any device. Basically, SharePoint is a web-based application that enables the development team to help their clients in sharing, documents, content collaboration, business intelligence, and advanced search. The benefit of using SharePoint technology is that it offers interesting functionalities that can interest more than 75% of the Fortune 500 companies in the market.

Benefits of Using Microsoft SharePoint Project Management Tool

Here are some of the major benefits of using SharePoint as your project management tool - 

1. Customizable 

With the use of SharePoint technology and its unique features, businesses can create tailor-made solutions. The project development team gets the ability to create custom elements in each of the features. In the same way, SharePoint developers can easily customize the entire interface of the application that can reflect the branding of the business.

2. Centralized Administration 

SharePoint offers easy management because of its significant features. It helps the administrators to quickly access the security settings, operation features, perform restorations, backup sites & site data, and update privileges.

3. Multi-purpose Functionality 

SharePoint is a technology that offers flexibility and this is the main reason behind businesses choosing it as their project management tool. With SharePoint, companies can easily share information, schedule various tasks, contacts, and more. Besides this, administrators can assign permission to different levels of users as per their status.

4. Enhanced Security 

SharePoint comes with various benefits that include advanced security features. It allows the SharePoint development company to reduce the risk of unauthorized and outage access. With the use of these features, the development team can include authentication enhancements and new workflow upgrades. This technology also offers other security configurations and access privileges that can help the project manager to set the level of the document.

Why Use Microsoft SharePoint for Project Management?

1. Built-In Task Dashboard to Manage Project 

When you integrate SharePoint technology into the Microsoft applications, you can see to it that this integration has a built-in task dashboard. It comes with a standard UI where the dashboard displays selected tasks, critical tasks, and individual task statuses. This provides a wide range of approaches that enables the companies to review how the tasks are progressing. This can help in taking quick actions by picking out some areas that require extra attention. Besides this, the integration automatically creates a setup and makes everything ready. Therefore, the project management teams of the company can easily start working on tasks immediately.

2. Pre-Made Templates for Easy Management 

Organizations that use SharePoint technology can easily configure pre-made templates and make their project management tasks easy. It enables the companies to easily include the templates in a project site. SharePoint offers enhanced standardization that enables the project development teams to have plenty of flexibility to work. It also enables the teams to manage the foundation of the project for future migration or development solutions. Besides this, it is very easy to set up the different project templates and this makes it possible for the business analysis team to identify the groups of project work.

3. Collect Content Across Project Sites 

The SharePoint project management offers various features that help the developers to improve the workflow throughout all the development teams. It also enables the SharePoint development services providers to handle the levels of the project by combining and organizing content from various sites of the project into a single efficient and accessible framework. This helps the team members in searching various things about the daily work tasks without any hassle. Therefore, now they won’t have to visit an individual project site. Besides, the team members can also go through the progress of each team member and can have a look at the collaborator assigned to the same tasks.

4. Security and Control 

SharePoint and SharePoint Online are designed to offer organizations a customization option.  This ensures that all the information is accessible to the team members who need it. But all this is offered in a secure manner. Security is provided with the use of a project management template. Therefore, once you integrate the SharePoint template, you can easily decide what teams require to secure the projects. Besides this, if the project requires special and unique security permissions, then SharePoint also offers it. To do this, the SharePoint development company just has to add unique permissions to the files, documents, and folders.

5. Optimize Project Reports 

SharePoint reporting is something that enables the development team to keep status reports for the projects accurate and up to date. SharePoint is a technology that comes with a variety of reporting features that enables the SharePoint development services providers to offer real-time updates to their team members. This also allows them to make a proper decision and enables them to easily identify & adapt to issues. Besides this, SharePoint also offers a dashboard that keeps the project manager up to date on the status of the project. The project manager or project delivery manager can get updated reports about any project site and they can also share important metrics of the projects with their team members.


As explained in this blog, using SharePoint for project management can be one of the best decisions any organization can ever make. SharePoint is a technology that can take the project management approach of any company to a new level by using its features to bring the team together. It enables the app development companies to streamline the project management and stay on top of their game.

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