How To Bet On The Go Without Using An Application?

We live in a world where almost everyone we know has access to a smartphone or a tablet. Even though many people don’t like the fact that they spend many hours a day staring at small screens, we can’t deny that there are some benefits of using those devices.

Apart from being able to contact our friends and family, those devices give us the freedom to go wherever we want and still enjoy some of the things we like. For example, we can play games, watch videos, and even gamble. Speaking of the devil, the online gambling industry became a lot more popular after smartphones became widely available. Thanks to them, users don’t need to use a computer when they want to wager on their favorite sport or play slots.

As you can probably guess, people who decide to use their handheld devices for online betting have to download an application. Depending on which brand you choose, this may take a few seconds or a couple of minutes. There are some exceptions, but most operators have problems with Android, which is why people need to get an apk file. Luckily, the Betfred app is available on, which means that you will learn how to download and install the app of one of the most popular betting websites in the world once you read the review. 

The good news is that people who don’t want to deal with any applications can also enjoy their favorite hobby. With that being said, let’s check out a few things that you can do if you want to bet on the go without using an app.

Learn how to make the most out of the mobile website

Everyone who has some betting experience knows that some online bookmakers and casinos don’t have any applications. Consequently, the only way to access those platforms on your mobile device is if you use their mobile website.

Thanks to things such as HTML5, almost every online bookie and casino has a user-friendly mobile website. Usually, those things are exact copies of the desktop platform, which makes it easy to navigate, especially if you have been using the brand’s services before.

The best thing about mobile websites is that they will give you access to pretty much everything. In addition to the betting sections, you can also use the bonuses, make a deposit, contact the customer support team, and more. Some mobile websites have certain limitations, but the majority of them will allow you to have an authentic mobile betting experience.

It is essential to know that you can access a specific gambling website using any mobile browser. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, or something else because they will open the site and everything it offers. 

Furthermore, every mobile browser will allow you to create a web application. This is a home-screen shortcut, which gives players one-click access to their favorite betting website. The best thing about the web application is that you don’t need to download and install anything to get it. 

Use a screen-sharing application

Using a given bookie/casino’s mobile website is the second best thing that you can if you can’t access a dedicated application. However, some bettors want to have a different betting experience, which is why they decide to use a screen-sharing application.

This software has been around for many years, and some people use it every day to fix different kinds of problems. Those applications allow you to use your smartphone or tablet and access your computer at home or work. In other words, it will give you access to every application that’s installed on your PC, including things such as the poker application. The latter is available on some of the best gambling websites.

Sadly, using a screen-sharing app for betting is not convenient because you need to have a fantastic internet connection. Otherwise, there will be a delay, which means that you won’t be able to punt on live events.


Even though most betting operators don’t have stand-alone applications, this is prone to change in the future. We believe that it is just a matter of time before every brand has an app for Android and iOS. Until then, try to use the bookie/casino’s mobile site.

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