7 Benefits of Integrating AI In Flutter

As the world edges towards an era of digitalization, emerging technologies have finally started concerning user experience. We all are trekking towards a fast-paced life where everything is available in a snap, especially when it comes to using mobile applications.

Talking about emerging technologies, Artificial intelligence is being used in several industries, and flutter applications are no exception. Moreover, several sources say that the current application speed doesn’t match the user demand – and integrating flutter with AI can solve the problem.

With the Revolutionary Capabilities of AI and User-Friendly Behavior of Flutter, The Mobile Application Industry Can Be Changed Forever!

Although Flutter is fairly new to the industry, it quickly climbed the ladders to become the second most popular mobile application development framework in no time. With that said, let’s take a look at some AI and flutter app development trends that predict an emerging trend for mobile apps:

  • Another research by Statista reveals that the software market of AI is predicted to grow at an exponential rate in the future, and is forecasted to produce 126 Billion Dollars by the end of 2025.

You may already know how AI is believed to revolutionize the era of digitalization and make smartphones even smarter. Integrating it with Flutter will only lead to a better, faster, and safer mobile application ecosystem. Here’s a list of benefits of integrating AI in Flutter:

1. Designed for Monotonous Tasks

When the concept of AI was introduced, it was initialized to complete monotonous work without any human efforts. AI can also help solve several real-time development problems by managing your monotonous tasks and allows you to focus on more important tasks.

2. Safer and Faster Authentication

Smartphones contain a plethora of sensitive information, and sometimes your payment details too. If you’re making applications for mobile, you must make sure that you don’t compromise on its security and quality. With advanced intrusion detection systems powered by AI, you can make bug-free apps which are safe.

3. Personalized Content

Nowadays, users always prefer a privileged status and require a personalized experience with their app usage. AI algorithms help developers deliver personalized content through their applications and make the user stick to their application.

4. Quicker Development Process

A cross-platform technology, such as Flutter is intended to pace the development process by using the same codebase for both Android and iOS platforms. With the help of the predictive capabilities of AI, you can cut your development time by half.

5. Enhanced Performance

Although the applications built through Flutter are not native to the platform, it doesn’t mean they don’t perform well. Moreover, as Flutter’s engine is designed to communicate directly with the native libraries, incorporating AI will make the performance of applications even more.

6. Functional Development Environment

With the properties of AI, Flutter as a modern cross-platform project can provide a faster way of debugging and testing applications for optimization, with a great variety of available tools. This will also allow developers to make changes in the code and preview it in real-time.

7. Smoother Synchronization

Building one mobile application for two platforms can cause slight delays in deployment and launch. However, with the help of AI and machine learning incorporated with Flutter, these delays can be bypassed and applications can be launched on multiple platforms without virtually any gap.

Why Flutter is A Perfect Match?

With the growing number of smartphone users all over the world, businesses are already aware that mobile app development is a crucial element for their survival. While numerous companies still proceed with the traditional approach, you can leap forward with the latest technology.

Flutter is a complete application development framework for cross-platform mobile operating systems that offers a beautiful user interface. Even after being fairly new to the industry, it still became the second most popular mobile application development framework.

Moreover, with the growing flutter app development trends in the market, it will surely integrate with revolutionary technologies like AI and machine learning for a better, faster, and more efficient mobile application development.

The Takeaway

Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of mankind, and now it's on the path to making smartphones even smarter. Moreover, while this emerging technology has already started revolutionizing user experience in mobile apps (For Instance, Netflix’s movie recommendations), it’s certainly a great decision to incorporate it with a platform like Flutter to enhance the overall application development industry. With the flutter app development trends and benefits of incorporating AI in it given above, you’ll surely want to watch it happen. 

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