6 Tips To Sell Your Pre Owned Dell Laptop For The Most Money

Used gadgets do not necessarily have a meaning of malfunction. On the contrary, used gadgets such as laptops, hold value, depending on which brand, model, year and condition it is. Even if they show signs of wear, they still hold value. Whether you decide to purchase a new Dell laptop model or just want to get extra dollars, the best solution is to resale it. We shared some easy tips not only to guide you during the whole process of resale but to help you to get some extra cash for your preloved device. 

1. Know Your Hardware

This information might be obvious, but it can happen that over time, you forgot which model of laptop you purchased. Knowing your laptop model number is crucial not only because it provides you accurate information about your device, but makes it much easier to choose the right parts in case of replacement and for resale. You’ll be able to identify the model number, because it is written in letters and numbers, and is used on a specific line of a laptop. 

You can find your Dell model laptop in several ways. On a label at the bottom of your Dell laptop you’ll find the model labeled Vostro, Studio, Precision, Latitude, Inspiron or XPS; on your Dell power on screen; and on your center control cover (power button cover). 

2. Prepare Your Dell Laptop For Resale

Before selling your Dell laptop, make sure to delete all your personal information and files, to avoid the next user accessing your sensitive data for example. We have listed some other things you need to do when it comes to reselling your laptop.

  • Backup: we recommend you to do a backup of your system, and another backup for all your files using an external hard drive or cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. 
  • Wipe your data: Once all your data is saved either with a hard drive or cloud storage, you can proceed to delete everything on your Dell laptop, which includes restoring to factory settings.
  • Clean it: Make sure to properly clean the screen, body parts of your device using a soft lint-free cloth, before selling your Dell laptop. 
  • Collect All Accessories: If you want to get the most value when selling your used Dell laptop, include your charger, cables and original box, if you have it.

3. Honest Diagnostic Of Your Dell Laptop

Either you decide to sell a Dell laptop with a trustworthy reseller or sell it yourself on sites like eBay, you need to give a fair diagnostic about your laptop condition. Providing the right information about the cosmetic condition and functionally of the device, will give you the most accurate estimation. Many legit resellers have automated questions on their system that you need to select in order to get an instant quote. 

For example, some of the questions are: Is your device in good condition? Does it show some signs of wear? Is it fully functional? Or does it have some missing or defective parts? We recommend checking your device before answering these questions, otherwise, retailers can send you revised quotes, if they realized the information you entered doesn't match with the current condition of the device you sent. 

4. How Do You Want To Get Paid?

There are several companies that are willing to purchase your used Dell laptop, and each of them has its own conditions. For instance, you’ll find services that offer to give you a gift card in exchange for your preowned device, and others pay you in cash via PayPal. To some people, getting a gift card limits their options to purchase certain products with the brand, whereas, having cash gives you the freedom to use it for anything you want. 

5. How Much A Preowned Dell Laptop Is Worth?

You can navigate into several retailers' sites to check which one pays the most for your preowned Dell laptop. However, we have saved you the job and we have compared prices with a big retailer, and a trusted online reseller.

  • For a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2-in-1 Intel Core i7 9th Gen CPU in flawless condition and fully functional, Gadget Salvation pays you $336 in cash via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, while Best Buy gives you a gift card of $65 for a Dell laptop Intel Corei5 10th Gen, Windows 8/10 with 12GB to 16GB in good condition. 

6. Where To Resell A Preowned Dell Laptop?

On the internet you’ll find many options, however, we recommend you to filter your search by type of payment, either with a credit for a future purchase via a gift card or in cash via PayPal payment. 

To sell Dell laptops on trustworthy reseller sites, it's a great option, because they facilitate the selling process taking in charge of valuation, pricing and even shipping. This is where Gadget Salvation comes in. It's a legit middleman service that offers to purchase your preowned Dell laptop and other gadgets for a higher price. Its service is the most convenient and hassle-free solution to sell your used gadgets online. To sell Dell laptops, find the right model with the specs on their online catalog, then answer questions about the device condition to get a quote. Accept the quote, and you will receive a prepaid UPS label on your email. Forget worrying about returns or shipping fees, they got you covered! What's more, payment is guaranteed within two business days from the reception of your goods via PayPal, Venmo, Bank Transfer. 


Selling your preowned Dell laptop or any other gadget that you don't use is a good option for getting some extra cash. Regardless of the model or condition, with some simple and straightforward preparation, you can easily maximize your return. We hope you have found helpful these six tips to maximize the value of your laptop for resale. 

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