8 Reasons Why Everyone Should HOLD Bitcoin

Generally, in the crypto-cosmo there are two types of investors.

Those who buy Bitcoin to obtain short-term profits with market fluctuations, these are known as Bitcoin traders.

And the other group that buys Bitcoin in a more philosophical way, they buy it because they faithfully believe in the asset and keep it for a long time to obtain long-term profits, this group is known as Bitcoin Holders or HOLDers. 

This duality of types of investors in the crypto-market is as universal as Bitcoin, which means that India does not escape this phenomenon.

India is a nation that has been in the news lately, this is because it is a country with great crypto commercial potential, above all, after the Supreme Court of Justice temporarily lifted the prohibition of trading fiat banking entities with crypto firms, an order that had been executed by the Reserve Bank of India since 2018.

Now, the temporary lifting of this ban has caused the retail merchants in India to become interested and wonder: how to buy Bitcoin in India, What way of buying Bitcoin in India will bring them greater rewards? Should they trade or hold Bitcoin in India?

Here are 8 reasons that explain why it is better to buy and hold Bitcoin in India

Great odds for great returns to the future:

There are many factors that indicate the significant increase that Bitcoin will have in coming months and years. This means that we are talking about an almost guaranteed return on Investment.

Source: Chainalysis.

An example of this is that the company focused on blockchain analysis, Chainalysis, in July 2020 published an article where it separates the global capital of all existing Bitcoins into three important segments, for the date of publication of its article, the amount was 18.6 million Bitcoins, which are subdivided as follows:

  • 60% of this amount is in the hands of people and companies, who have never sold more than 25% of their capital in Bitcoin. In fact, just the opposite they have held on to most of their capital, at least 35% in the worst case. This Bitcoin is what Chainalysis calls ‘owned Bitcoin for long-term investments. If this fact does not represent a guarantee for new Indian investors, wait to read the following factors and reasons to buy Bitcoin in India and hold.
  • Of this same global capital mentioned by Chainalysis, there is an important 20% that remains immobile in their Bitcoin addresses, for 5 years or more. For Chainalysis this capital is lost. The most important thing to highlight at this point is that this capital will probably never be sold, which means that another important percentage of guarantee to buy Bitcoin is added to the Hold scheme, especially for new investors. We are talking about 80%, and in the worst case a 55% stability of Bitcoin's capital in the long term, practically unmovable.
  • The data provided above shows that 19% of the Bitcoins extracted, that is, 3.5 million Bitcoins (July 2020), are those used for trade, mainly in exchanges.

Consequently, this study determined that the majority of Bitcoins are held for long-term investments, this fact largely determines what the behavior of Bitcoin traders will be in the coming months and years, which means that it is unlikely that the percentage of purchase of Bitcoin in India (and worldwide) under the Hold modality falls from 60%. On the contrary, it will always increase as it is used as a long-term valuation asset by the majority of Bitcoiners in the world, hence the phrase, Bitcoin: digital gold.

Bitcoin is the largest valuation asset in the world:

For the last five years, a very prestigious financial institution such as the Bank of America, has been ranking Bitcoin as the largest valuation asset of the last decade, surpassing even gold.

To put it in perspective, the financial institution referred to the fact that if you had invested 1 USD in Bitcoin at the beginning of 2010, it would be equivalent to 90,026 USD in just 10 years. Today in 2021 the valuation would be even much higher.

So why not buy Bitcoin today and HOLD on a long term?

If you are going to buy Bitcoin in India, we recommend doing it on a platform, solvent, solid and secure as Remitano.

Source: CriptoTendencia.

Bitcoin will always be valued more than any fiat currency in the world:

The most influential fiat currency in the world, the dollar, constantly suffers from inflation and devaluation, especially if we compare its performance with Bitcoin. Which is to say that if this can happen with a strong universal fiat currency like USD, imagine the state of the Indian Rupee. Bitcoin is valued exponentially much more than the dollar and the Indian Rupee (INR), or the Bolivar (Bs).

You will not suffer from motivated stress like when trading short-term cryptocurrencies:

It is no secret to anyone that those who are dedicated to the profession of trading cryptocurrencies or other assets are exposed to daily stress.

Basically, this is due to the fact that almost all the markets in the world have some type of fluctuation, with cryptocurrencies this is no exception.

The good thing about HOLDing Bitcoin in India is that you completely forget about short-term fluctuations, you simply invest in the long term (for the future), and in an asset as valuable as Bitcoin you should be rest assured, you are almost certain that you will make long-term profits. You can review the historical growth of Bitcoin over the last decade, and you will find out that profit is inevitable.


You will have access to your capital 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Although HOLDing is about maintaining and saving Bitcoin in the long term, but, in the case of an emergency, you will be able to have access to your capital when you need it. It totally is your decision.

Ideal for first-time investors:

You do not need to be an expert to have Bitcoin. Anyone could buy Bitcoin very easily on a safe and reliable P2P exchange like Remitano, and keep it in your wallet for a long period of time. Later, when that big day of massive profit arrives, you can choose to sell your asset or better yet continue to HOLD.

Buy Bitcoins with your local currency:

It is really easy for you to buy Bitcoin in India with the Rupee (INR) and then hold it in your wallet for as long as you want. 

If you want to buy Bitcoin in an exchange for INR in India, do so safely, reliably, easily and quickly through Remitano.

Bet on decentralization:

With Bitcoin you have an absolute guarantee of financial independence, gone are the days when your money is controlled by governments or private companies. The more you hold Bitcoin, the less exposed you will be under the control of private and government regulations. 

Note: This article was sponsored by Remitano.

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