How Technologies Changed Universities Application Process

Applying for college twenty years ago and doing the same thing today is almost impossible to compare. So much has changed in the admission to the university for all parties involved. Thanks to the development and implementation of new technologies, future college students, their parents, and the college admissions teams all have a much more improved experience.

Technologies opened new doors for everyone involved and reshaped the entire university application process, thus making it less likely for students to get involved in admissions scandals. Below, we'll show you what aspects of college admission have changed, and in what way. Let's take a closer look.

1. Students & Parents Research Process

When it comes to choosing the best college to apply to, there are so many factors that students want to consider. Before, they didn’t have the chance to explore and research each college, as much as they do today.

Nowadays, thanks to new technologies, students can learn so much about a college, without even stepping foot on campus. They can:

  • take a VR tour of the classrooms, campus, and dorm
  • connect with current students and get information
  • read extensively on the college website, forums, and social media
  • chat with a college representative

Students can picture their experience at a given college and decide whether to apply or not. This led us to have more students apply to more diverse colleges. And you can use LetsGradeIt to make sure your application essays are plagiarism-free. You want to impress your college admissions officers in every way you can. 

2. Reaching More Students

Colleges have also embraced new technologies to reach more students worldwide and expand their recruitment net. Using technologies, such as VR, social media, video marketing, and interactive marketing materials, they’re able to send their message across more confidently and easily.

It enables students from all over the globe to learn about specific colleges and think about applying. The higher application volume is a result of using new technologies to promote and advocate a college.

3. Managing the Application Process

The application process known a decade or two ago is gone. Today,  college admission is much faster, more efficient, and can handle more applications in less time.

It is possible thanks to new technologies which help:

  • automate a part of the application process management,
  • communicate with potential students easier,
  • make decisions faster,
  • notify students on their decisions faster.

Students don't have to wait for the college application envelope to arrive at their door anymore. They either receive an email or log in to their student's profile online and learn whether they’re admitted or not.

The fast decision-making process brings more convenience for everyone involved.

4. Video Interviews

So many colleges are already using video as means of communication with their potential students. Skype and Zoom are video call platforms that are becoming integrated into the university application process. They help college admissions teams learn more about students without having to meet them in person.

Before, students would invest all their efforts into writing the best application essay to show who they are. Today, videos are becoming a priority. But these top rated essay writing services can be seriously helpful if you still need any assistance with writing.

There are usually two ways these video interviews are handled:

  • pre-recorded interview

A student receives the questions he/she needs to answer, records a video, and submits it.

  • live video interviews

A student has a live video call with the college admissions team.

Either way, students have a chance to present themselves and show who they are. They can create a strong first impression and increase their chances of admission. With these video calls, they're more than just a name on the paper.

On the other hand, the college admissions team has the opportunity to meet the students in person, get to know them, and decide whether they're a good fit. It helps them make more reasonable decisions.

Final Thoughts

The university application process has changed immensely over the last several years due to the implementation of new technologies into the whole process. Luckily, such innovations make it much more efficient, faster, and convenient for everyone involved. 

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