Top 4 Free Video Downloaders You Can Choose From

Video downloaders offered free services the same as a sigh of relief for many internet users. Most of them came at a time when a lot of internet users were paying exorbitant fees to download videos online. The word ‘Free’ alone was enough to convince internet users, and everybody started rushing to get their videos downloaded on the platform. A lot of kudos must also go to the developers of the websites because a lot of hope was placed on their website, and they did not disappoint internet users. 

Some were skeptical at first that the fact that it was free might rub on the quality that will be offered, but as we said before, they did not disappoint internet users. It was as fast as the paid downloaders, the interface was superb as paid downloaders, and the ease of use was even better than most paid video downloaders.

Let us have a look at some free video downloaders you can use to download YouTube videos online.

  • Free Video MP3 Downloader
  • Ontiva Video Downloader
  • Best Video Downloader
  • YouTube Video Downloader

1. Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader was among the first set of video downloaders that allowed internet users to download videos for free. There were worries about if the free download was going to last long, or it was just a strategy to draw internet users to their websites. Some were even wondering how it can be sustained in the long run.

Free Video Downloader has put all that fear to rest because since it was launched to this present moment, internet users have been using their services for free. It is very fast when downloading. It can be used without registration. The simple steps of downloading YouTube videos with Free Video Downloader are:

  • Find the video and copy the URL link
  • Paste the URL link in the search box when you open Free Video Downloader
  • Select the best possible format
  • Click the Convert button
  • Wait for a while and click the Download button

2. Ontiva Video Downloader 

Ontiva Video Downloader is also another free downloader that internet users have been using for free since it was launched. Even for free, Ontiva Video Downloader allowed internet users to download multiple videos; this is a feature that is rare with most video downloaders. Ontiva is a fast downloader, and it is very easy to use. There are varieties of information on the page that will guide you to do whatever you want to do. You can select a language that is easy for you out of more than ten famous languages listed. 

You can do all your conversion and downloads without registering your details. Videos downloaded on Ontiva Video Downloader are certified copyright free. Ontiva can also protect your device from contracting viruses online. You can use Youtube downloader such as Ontiva Video Downloader using this explanation.

You have searched for the video online; whether from YouTube or other websites, you can find the video. As soon as you find the video, the appropriate thing to do is to copy the URL link. Ontiva Video Downloader’s website is where the remaining part will be done. Get a good internet connection in order to make your work faster and easier. Now, open Ontiva Video Downloader’s website. You will see a search box that is meant for pasting a link that has been copied elsewhere. Paste the link of the video you have copied there and selected a suitable format. Beside the text box, there is a button there known as the youtube to mp3 converter button. Click and wait for a few seconds as your video gets converted. After it has been converting, you will see a Download button. Click on it to complete your downloading process. 

3. Best Video Downloader

Best Video Downloader is a free downloader available for internet users always. It also boasts of a good graphical interface with enough tips on the website to make it comfortable to use. It is very fast, like others we have talked about. It can also be used without registration.

Anyone that wants to use Best Video Downloader to download videos online can choose between the method of downloading with Free Video Downloader and the method of downloading with Ontiva Video Downloader. Both methods can be applied successfully. 

4. YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader mp4 to mp3 can download YouTube videos and videos from other video sharing websites for free. It was launched some years back with the aim of giving internet users the platform to download YouTube videos directly to their devices. It is very fast, free, and has no set limitations that can hinder its use.

In concluding this article, we will refer to our previous statement, which is that anyone that seeks to download videos with best Youtube downloader can refer to the methods of downloading with any of the two downloaders previously discussed. 

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