How to View an XPS File on Mac?

For competition with Adobe PDF format, Microsoft has created the XPS format that is also referred to as the XML paper specification and used for sharing documents online in the form of a write-protected medium. Mac users get the option to update opening PDF files with the utilization of the Apple preview. Word XPS file is not supported for opening the XPS file on Mac. You will get the three methods for doing that are “using Google service,” “using XPS viewer for Mac,” and “the Firefox browser.”

In this article, you will come to know about the right method of opening an XPS file on a Mac. For Mac users, XPS files can be viewed and opened with a usable Mac XPS viewer. 

Before we start with any further discussion, it is essential to know what an XPS file is. XPS file is a document that contains the fixed page layout information everything written in the XPS page description language. It sets the definition of the layout appearance and printing information for the document XPS files. It shares the similarity to PDF files but is saved in the Microsoft XPS format.

Viewing the XPS Files on the Mac Devices

You have to select the XPS file and click on open. You have to select the XPS file location that you will find on the left side of the file explorer window. You have to click on the XPS file for selecting it and then click on the open button that you will find on the bottom right corner of the file explorer window. This is the point that will be open in the XPS file in the XPS viewer.

Method 1: Read XPS file on Mac using TunesBro XPS Reader

TunesBro XPS Reader is a software application developed by TunesBro that allows users to view and interact with XPS files on Mac, so users can open and view XPS files without needing to install additional software. It provides basic functionality such as viewing, zooming, navigating, and printing XPS documents.

Here are the steps to use this XPS viewer on your Mac:

Step 1

Download and install ‘XPS reader’ on your Mac, it supports the latest macOS Ventura M1/M2/Intel, then drag XPS reader to the Application.

Step 2

Launch the XPS viewer, then open your XPS file using the application. It provides a smooth reading experience with features like bookmarks, search, and page navigation.

How is TunesBro XPS Reader different from other software?

Preserves Document Formatting: TunesBro XPS Reader ensures that the original formatting of documents is retained, maintaining the intended layout, fonts, images, and graphics. This is particularly important for documents that need to be shared without any loss of visual integrity.

Cross-Platform Consistency: XPS files are designed to look the same on different devices and operating systems. Using TunesBro XPS Reader ensures that recipients of your documents see them exactly as you intended, regardless of the platform they are using.

High-Quality Printing: XPS files are optimized for high-quality printing. TunesBro XPS Reader often provides print options that allow you to get accurate printouts, making them suitable for professional documents, brochures, and reports.

Method 2: Cisdem-solution to read XPS files on Mac

Cisdem is an innovative Mac applications developer that had its Global release of the document reader for Mac. The reader solution is good enough to view WPD, WPS, XPS, DjVu, Visio, Winmail, and PDF files on the Mac. It will also be helping to print and save them into PDF for sharing.

You will definitely get several XPS readers for Windows on the market for the application that can open XPS files on Mac. But, not all of them are capable enough. Opening the XPS file needs a third party XPS viewer that will be good enough in terms of affordability, performance, features, and simplicity to use. Cisdem Document Reader is the best one for Mac users for viewing the XPS files. The powerful XPS viewer Mac will be allowing users to best open the XPS files on the Mac and other formats also included in the same. Some of them are like WPD, WPS, XPS, DjVu, Visio, Winmail, PDF, and so on. Functioning is something more than that.

You can start viewing multiple files at the same time. With the program, you can also print the documents directly. Within the program, there is an opportunity to extract images from the files directly and serve all of them in the folder. For doing so, you have to follow the following steps.

Step 1

Free download the document reader and launch it on Mac. For that, you have to click on the “free download” button, and then the reader will start downloading.

Step 2

To open and view XPS files on Mac. You just need to add the file to Cisdem document reader and it will open the XPS files directly. 

Step 3

The app also offers the function of printing the XPS file with the system printer. It also supports converting the XPS file to PDF or another supportive format.

XPS format has become the attempt of Microsoft to compete with the PDF format. However, PDF is much more popular when compared to XPS. Sending someone the XPS file sometimes becomes a hassle because many people are not familiar with the extension. However, when there is a convenient reader like the above, you can rest assured that the document will open without any problems. 

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