Best Casino-Themed Games for Consoles

Gaming online has become one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and with the advent of virtual casinos, many are now using consoles as their preferred platform to gamble on. With that said, developers of the games and the consoles have observed the connection between the two, creating a number of casino-themed games suitable for play on this platform. 

Popular Casino Games for Consoles:

Online casinos invest a vast amount of money in technology to ensure they’re able to offer players the best experiences possible, whilst staying up to date with technological advances. This means releasing games that are compatible with a variety of platforms, including everything from your smartphone to your PC. Take those featured on the casinos recommended on as an example, some of which offer impressive bonuses. This gives online gaming an advantage over brick and mortar casinos, in that it’s extremely versatile and can be taken anywhere. 

Since consoles are one of the most prevalent platforms to play on, developers have cashed in on this, tailoring casino-themed games to the most sought after consoles, more releases of which are yet to arrive. This industry is still in its infancy but due to a demand from gamers, it’s one that’s set to grow. We’ve listed a few of the top casino titles for console below.

Pure Hold’Em

This popular multiplayer pastime can be played on both Xbox One and PS4, the gaming experience being equally impressive on each platform. Certain elements of the game can be enjoyed in a 3D environment. On top of the awesome graphics, options to interact with fellow gamers and various poker tournaments, it’s little wonder Pure Hold’Em is a hit with console players across the globe.

The Four King Casino and Slots

This energetic slots game is best suited to the SonyPlaystation console. Players are privy to various customisation options, including selecting their own avatar. One major benefit of this game is that it’s available on Steam, which means it’s compatible with PC. It also boasts an array of physical casino similarities, including popular options such as bingo, slots and table games.

One of its most raved about features however is the social element. This top attribute allows players to interact with fellow gamers in a virtual casino. They can even sign up to tournaments lasting as long as three-months.

Prominence Poker

505 Games, the developers behind Prominence Poker, have created a pastime that is definitely worth a mention. In fact, this game is described as one of the most noteworthy simulation casino games on offer to date. It can be played on PS4, PC and Xbox One. Set in a futuristic landscape, this game can be enjoyed solo or as a multiplayer game. The many challenges and events on offer make Prominence Poker a top choice for players across the globe.

Casino Nights

Casino Nights invites gamers to succumb to the bright lights and glamour of a high-class physical casino through VR devices, which can be added to a console. Players can compete solo, against friends or with unknown players. Texas Hold’em Poker, roulette and blackjack are just a few of the games on offer. On top of this, there is the option to create a personalised environment, from the music down to the avatar. 

Games Compatible With Older Consoles:

Poker Night 2 

Not everyone owns the latest console, luckily there are titles suited to both old and new models. Poker Night 2 is one of the best titles to play on an older generation console, and is compatible with Sony’s PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, on iOS platforms and on PC via Steam. This game has a huge following, mainly because of the renowned video game characters, which include Brock Samson from The Venture Bros and Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise.

Full House Poker

Another good option for those with an older console, this game is suited to Xbox 360. Asides from being entertaining, it’s a good choice for those wishing to practice their poker skills. 

Console Casino Games — What’s Next?

With a handful of great titles already available and a good following, some of which has been fuelled by the pandemic, the potential is clear for developers to focus more interest in console gaming. One gaming provider already taking advantage of this is Kambi. They have plans in place with Microsoft to create a variety of games readily accessible from the new Xbox console. With more and more online casinos noticing the potential of this industry, it’s only a matter of time before console players will have access to even more titles featuring impressive graphics and game experiences. 

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