What Makes Mobile Betting the Best Option to Wager on Sports

Betting on sports has been a favorite activity for many people, especially the ones who are into sports. Wagering on sports has started as early as 2000 years ago in ancient Greece when the Olympics started. It has come a long way since then.

This form of gambling has always been fun and easy. You just have to visit a bookie and place your bet on the sports that you’re following. Commonly, there are bookies located near stadiums and casinos and you would have to go to these places to bet back in the day. However, nowadays, technology has made gambling easier by being able to do this online and with your mobile device.

There are now hundreds of online bookies that you can choose from that offer odds on different sports. There are even betting sites that also offer casino games in case you want to gamble differently. You can bet on sports and play Kabaddi Online Games and many other casino games that you can think of.

When it comes to betting, doing this online with a mobile device is how many people are comfortable doing it. In fact, in the state of New Jersey where sports betting is legal, around 80 to 90 percent of the monthly sports betting handle comes from the mobile sector. 

These numbers make it evident that mobile betting is becoming the more preferred option by many. However, what makes mobile betting a better option in the first place? Here are some great reasons why.

You can place your bets anywhere 

Convenience when it comes to sports betting includes being able to do this in a place where you’re comfortable. Mobile betting has allowed punters to place their bets anywhere they are. You could be in your bedroom or even in the stadium as the match happens and still be able to place your bets. 

It’s fast and easy

Sportsbooks sites are user-friendly and are usually mobile-browser friendly. There are even sports betting companies that now have native apps that you can download with an Android or iOS device. What’s great about betting apps is that it’s easier to access than having to log in to a website. 

Since many are now looking to download betting apps, sportsbooks are now in competition when it comes to developing better and improved features. There are now betting apps that allow you to play casino games, read the latest sports articles, and even watch the live stream of a sports match. 

In-game or in-play betting

Back in the day, in-play or in-game betting wasn’t offered by many bookies. This is because in-play odds change throughout the game. These odds are also only available for a few minutes. It’s just something that land bookies will have a hard time offering if many customers are placing their bets.

However, mobile betting has made this easier. With just a few taps, you can place your bets in just a few seconds. Bookies are also able to update the odds that they offer in just a few seconds. This makes betting more exciting and thrilling for many punters.


In general, statistics show that around 72 percent of online bets are now coming from mobile bookies. This is why online bookmakers are now giving their mobile sector more attention. People just heavily rely on smartphones now and the population of mobile users is continuously increasing. Sportsbooks operators focusing on the mobile market just means that they will be able to reach many people.

The pandemic has affected the sports industry in the last few months. Many sports events had to hit the pause button for a few weeks and bookies were also affected by these. For a few weeks, sports odds and people were scarce turned to other gambling activities like online casino gaming.

However, sports are back now and bookies are back to offering as much odds as they could. We are still in the middle of a pandemic and now, it is likely that sports punters would rather place their bets online or with their mobile devices. After all, many sports events are still not allowing spectators in the stadiums and many bookies and casinos are still closed or only allow a limited number of visitors.

With that, we can expect that online and mobile betting will rise in the next few months. And with people getting comfortable placing their bets online, even post-pandemic, it is likely that punters would remain to place their bets online. 

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