7 Most Helpful Apps to Improve Your Study Habits

The amount of tasks you receive in college seems to never end, and this is one of the things that will never change. Luckily, our world is changing and developing all the time rewarding people with different digital products and services facilitating their lives. 

For example, now you can rely on the help of multiple online services when you run out of time and are exhausted: all you have to do is to send a request «Please, do my homework for money» to delegate the part of your tasks. Another great tool becomes your smartphone: with Google Play and Apple Store range of apps, you have many great assistants that can improve your studies and management habits. 

In this guide, we will talk about the most useful digital instruments that can help you cope with the college workload easier and faster.

App Recommendations for Better Studies

For many young people, the necessity to manage different tasks, projects, deadlines and exams at the same time can be too stressful, which can lead to emotional burning out. It gets even more complicated when you can`t understand the subject or requirements and struggle over your assignments until late at night. In such cases, a science homework helper or an educational app could become a way out: with such tools, you can learn how to manage your workload and understand complex topics. On this list, you can find top helpful apps for better studying, according to the opinion of several hundred college students:

1. iStudiez 

Talking about improving study habits, the first thing that comes to our minds is a good planner. The iStudiez Pro app is one of the recent convenient and most modern scheduling tools that can let you easily operate with your time the right way. It lets you easily track your daily study schedule, including there deadlines, assignments, projects, exams and other important things. Just make sure you fill in all your current tasks, and you will never lose something crucial. The app has alerts and notifications to push you in advance;

2. Evernote

The next important thing after planning is taking notes which is an irreplaceable component of your studying process: you take notes at lectures to learn it well later and answer perfectly on exams. The Evernote app is currently one of the best options that let you keep all your stuff clearly organized and stored in one place (you can also share it with other people if necessary). The great thing is that it's not just simple text: in the app, you can keep video and audio recordings, web links, texts, attachments, and other stuff the way you like);

3. XMind

XMind app is available for Android, iOS as well as for web users, it is a highly useful tool for those students who have access to it. Its main feature is mind-mapping that helps you brainstorm concepts, create different drawings, charts, and other visual elements to understand the idea or project better. With its help, you can better understand complex information, make your thinking more to the point, and capture the right ideas. Besides, all your drawings can be later transferred to Evernote;

4. Dragon Anywhere

Another great tool for improving your educational habits. It is a professional-grade dictation app. In this app: it is a super useful instrument for quick and efficient dictation. You can make audio notes or record your lesson, and the tool will store information in original audio and also as a document. Such an approach saves a lot of time and lets you spend it more efficiently. Besides, you can edit the files using voice commands and then export your notes to Evernote;

5. My Script Calculator

There are multiple apps with the same functions (calculating numbers and formulas), but this one has a more individual approach. STEM students are believed to remember formulas better when they write them down and not use a calculator, so the app recognizes your handwriting and finishes it for you at the end. Thus, you not only perform your tasks better but also learn more useful information in the process;

6. Exam Countdown

When the exam season comes, you need to stick to the schedule to cope with all disciplines. In the Exam Countdown app, you can fill in all the dates and consultations, and the app will gently remind you of the number of months and even minutes before the date. Some students can get more stress and panic attacks than help from this app, but nevertheless, in some cases, it pushes them to work harder and not wait until the very last minute;

7. Scanmarker

This app becomes your small scanner to let you study better. It reads information from a printed resource and transforms it into a digital one. Then, you can manipulate this data in many ways: copy, edit, transform into an audio file, or even render into a foreign language. You no longer need to bring all the books with you and make your hand ache from a long process of writing down necessary information.

So these are some great apps for students and learners to help them with their study habits and improve learning. Use these apps and understand how they help you improve your study habits. Let us know your experience with these apps in the comments below. 

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