Top 5 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools to Try

Are you getting tired of having to swap out your Instagram bio link constantly? Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you include one link in your profile bio. The good news is that you can use that one link for more than you might expect. Bio link tools give you the chance to turn one link into several. Here are the top 5 Instagram bio link tools. 

1. Shorby 

Shorby offers a collection of three tools in one. Each tool is made for Instagram but also works just as well with other social networks. The main Shorby tool, SmartPages, lets you get more out of an Instagram bio link by creating a custom web page filled with content and links. 

These pages let you add anything from branding images to content blocks, and even dynamic content feeds. The page can be used to showcase your latest content, including blog posts, products, videos, and podcasts. Shorby makes it easy to customize and control your SmartPage, including the use of ad tracking pixels. 

You’ll be given a shortlink once you finish editing the SmartPage. You can paste that link into your Instagram bio, or somewhere else, and you can track the analytics for the page to make adjustments for better engagement. 

2. LinkTree

LinkTree is similar to Shorby, with the main difference being that LinkTree has a free version. The free version allows you to create as many links as you want, choose a theme, and see how often the LinkTree has been accessed – including the number of times each specific link is accessed. 

The downside is that you have to display the LinkTree logo with the free version. The paid version offers a plethora of extra features, including scheduled links, more customization options (including removing the LinkTree logo), embedded videos, and more. 

LinkTree gives you a shortened link that you can add to Instagram. The top of the link tree will feature your name and profile image from Instagram, so people know who you are and have access to your social media profiles. 

3. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio offers a simpler approach to Instagram bio link tools. The site uses an elegant style that blends in perfectly with the native Instagram UI. The downside is that there is no way to customize your link page to get it to look just how you want. 

The tool doesn’t offer as many benefits as the other platforms, but that is by design. still has everything someone could need from an Instagram bio link tool. You’ll be able to create a page and occupy it however you want. You’ll also be able to track the links to see how your page is performing. 

4. by Later is another more advanced tool. This tool lets you create a copy of your Instagram account on a landing page so you can add all the links you want. This tool only allows you to add one link to your page, however, with other links being assigned to posts. 

The idea of this approach is that it allows you to share links through Instagram posts instead of having to change the link in your bio. Users can click on the link and see a duplicate of your Instagram feed, but with the chance to clink links in posts. 

This tool is incredibly popular for e-commerce users. 

5. ShortStack 

ShortStack is less of a bio link tool and more of a marketing tool that can be used as one. ShortStack lets you create a landing page you can include as your Instagram bio link, allowing you to create and launch marketing campaigns through Instagram. 

ShortStack is ideal for contests, but it can be used for regular landing pages and contact forms just as easily. Use ShortStack for your next giveaway, competition, referral scheme, or other similar program and see what results you get. 

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