16 Top-Notch Proofreading Tools for Content Writers

Content writers really do need some help from tools developed to proofread their work to ensure that the quality of their articles is up to scratch. Because of tight deadlines and a heavy workload, they might make some mistakes that they can’t detect by the naked eye. 

The errors include spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation issues. That is where proofreading tools step in. The tools analyze the content writer’s work and help improve copywriting skills. If you are a content writer and need some tools to proofread your work, here are the top 16 solutions that can be used.


Grammarly can fit in with your content strategy because this tool accommodates different writing styles and voices for a variety of audiences. You can create content for a professional audience and check to see if the voice used on the piece fits the criteria for addressing that particular group of people.


Hemingway can be very helpful in removing any passive voice on the content and simplifying complex terms you might have used when creating the article. The tool also has other capabilities, such as checking the grammar and spelling used on the content. It is free to use with a mobile app version available for download on major app stores such as Google Playstore and Apple App Store.


PerfectIt is the best app that checks more than just spelling and grammatical errors but also the consistency of the content. You can check to see the perfect usage and consistency of abbreviations, capitalized alphabets, bullet lists, and hyphens. The tool can adapt to your own writing style or that of the blog you are writing for.


Ginger can help you check your content for grammatical errors and also help with sentence rephrasing. You can also choose to listen to the content being read aloud, enabling content writers to hear if it makes perfect sense. Users can also translate their content into a variety of languages.

Dissertation Service

Dissertation Service has the best content editors that have an eye for perfection and will help identify even the smallest errors for you. The company will proofread the content numerous times for you until it is free of any errors. They can also be used as the best custom essay for clients who need help with their content and blogging.

Spell Check Plus

Spell Check Plus is a basic but yet very effective proofreading tool that indicates any spelling or grammar errors you have made. The tool also offers suggestions on how these errors can be fixed and is the best website to get you started on proofreading your content. The tool is free to use and can also improve the content you create to fit in different writing styles.


WordRake is a live editor that checks your content as you write it on Microsoft Word or another compatible editing software. When writing content, you can just simply click the button written “rake” and then the content will start underlining or crossing out any errors in real-time. The tools also offer suggestions on how you can rectify the spelling or grammatical errors it has picked up.


Reverso is a reliable tool that tries to determine the context of the content being checked to offer more accurate analysis results. That differentiates this tool from others because most proofreading tools do not try to understand the context and therefore have more errors in their results. 


ProWritingAid analyzes the content that has been created for any clichés and provides alternative ways of writing them in a more meaningful and professional way. The capabilities of this tool are endless and if you opt for the premium version, you will have a more advanced content proofreading software.


WriteCheck does not only just check for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors but also stylistic issues like sentences that are way too long. The tool also checks for passive voice and above that, scans the content for any signs of plagiarism. It is a well-rounded tool with multiple capabilities that contribute to creating high-quality content.


PaperRater has advanced capabilities of checking the content for grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes while also scanning the piece for any plagiarism. That helps content writers create error-free blog posts that are 100% unique and will not receive penalties for plagiarizing.


WhiteSmoke is a handy proofreading tool that is compatible with a variety of browsers and smartphones. The tool does not only proofread but also checks the writing style and also analyzes the content for any plagiarism. You cannot find a free version of this tool but it is quite affordable at $4.16 per month.

Essay Writing Lab

Essay Writing Lab also has one of the best editors that will proofread the content you have created and weed out any errors. Be assured of quality work because this agency is rated to be the best paper writing service reviews, like Dissertation Today has to offer. The company has content creators and editors that pay attention to the little details.


LanguageTool supports multiple languages by proofreading and indicating any errors that might have been made when writing the content. That makes it perfect for websites with multiple languages other than English only. The tool can be used as a browser extension and also on Google Drive and Microsoft Word. You can start using it today for free or upgrade to the premium version that costs just under $5.


OnlineCorrection.com analyses the content and highlights any errors that are identified in a color-coded manner. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors all have different colors, making it easier to identify the mistakes you made the most. The tool provided suggestions on how the errors you made on the content could be rectified. 

After The Deadline

After The Deadline can be used as an extension or plugin on various platforms including the WordPress editor and multiple browsers. Using it on WordPress can ensure that the content you upload on your blog is checked for any errors before it is published. The only problem is that you can’t integrate it with Microsoft Word.

The Bottom Line

These 16 tools are the best for content writers because they offer a comprehensive analysis that picks up on even minor errors that could ruin the article. These tools give writers peace of mind and help in content marketing strategy because they can pick up on errors that they failed to identify. They are very affordable and most of them have a free version that lets you get to test them out before buying the premium version.

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