How to Play Coin Master – Best Tactics

When it comes to Coin Master it is mostly about the spins and taking revenge, getting cards, and unlocking the chests. Although most people think that there is nothing too much compensation for things as such, they play a vital role overall. When compared to the other games of the same genre coin master has way too many things which are too complicated for anyone to understand. At first glance, it is considerably said to only let people or players, in this case, will only get to know the basics of the game.

Also, the developers are said to endure only some low-level instructions. So for most of the people, it is a bit too hard to understand the game mechanics and the things every end-user needs be followed. In this post, we are going to discuss everything about the game including revenge and its tactics, cards, and chests. With that being said, let us get started with the discussion.

Daily Free Spins

Also if you are the one who loves to play the game for a longer period time, then you should consider using these free spins coin master to keep continue playing the game. The daily limit of free spins from the Game developer is around 5 spins per hour, So you get around 50 spins free every day. Apart from that, you can avail some spins using our method.

Attack on Other Villages

When I say revenge, the first thing you will understand is that it allows you to get back to the player who attacked your village in the past. It would be vise-versa in the other case. If your base has been attacked by other players, once you get the hammer you will get an ability to destroy and raid the village to enhance the overall revenge. With that discussed let us get started with the cards of Coin Master. Cards are generally earned by opening up chests and which are purchased only through coins. There are several themed card collection and each of the collections contains nine cards.

Note Down Pattern

There is always a Pattern while playing the game, When you tap on Spin the spinning wheel spins and you get 3 objects. If all the 3 are similar than you will win big. So always note down that when you are getting spins, when you are getting raids and attacks.

Add Fewer Freinds

The game allows you to connect your Facebook account to coin master, after that, you can invite them and add them to your game friends list. Friends can be good and bad as well. Good because they can send you around 1 spin when you are out of spins. So suppose if you have 50 friends then you will get 50 Spins, But just with the advantage they carry a disadvantage as well. Your friends can raid and attack your village. So always make sure that you take decisions wisely. If you want to get spins or you want to protect your village from friends.

Try to Buy Chests

There are also a few chests which an end-user can also purchase. The number of cards you get within the chests is devoted to the amount you spend within the purchase of chests. The card quality which you are obtained through the chest is totally dependent on the village level you are in right now. Once you reach the higher village level changes will increase for you to get more cards with higher certainty in the quality. Now, let us talk chests. Chests can be purchased from shops within the game and its coins. All the chests can give up to a 5-star quality level.

The higher level chests also have a higher level dropping low level for a particular in this case. You can also receive something like pet snacks or XP for the same as Bonus spins sometimes. Either way, it is totally worth it. These are added to your inventory which doesn't really affect the card drop possibilities. Also depending on the chest, you are opening you have a greater chance of drawing specific rarity of the card. Moreover, the bonus spin probabilities for mystery, small lucky and easter, and are dependent on the current village level. You will have to purchase as many chests as you can afford when entering a new village. With that being said, that is all for this post.

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