How To Earn Rebate While Trading Crypto Derivatives On Delta Exchange?

Delta Exchange is a cryptocurrency derivatives platform that offers trading in more than 19 coins for traders on leverage. Since inception, the platform has not faced any glitch or malware on its platform making it a go-to exchange for many traders.

Trading crypto futures on Delta Exchange has several advantages:

  1. A trader can go both long or short
  2. Can use leverage to amplify trading gains
  3. Enjoy lower trading fee

Lower Trading Fees

Most cryptocurrency exchanges charge a fee to the traders while placing an order. Maker and Taker Fees are the two different types of fees a trader is subject to while trading on a crypto derivatives exchange. On Delta Exchange, the maker fees are negative i.e. a trader will receive a rebate instead of being charged a fee while placing an order.

What are Maker and Taker Fees

Maker Fees come from the concept of Market Making i.e. creating liquidity on a platform. When a trader places an order that is added to the order book, instead of being executed immediately, the trader is increasing liquidity on the exchange. For creating liquidity, instead of being charged a fee, the trader receives a rebate. This is known as Maker Fees. In essence, on Delta Exchange, Maker Fees are negative.

On the other hand, when an order is placed and executed immediately, it snaps the liquidity from the exchange. As the liquidity from the exchange is reduced because of the trader, a trader is charged a Taker Fee.

Hence, if you, as a trader wish to earn a rebate on Delta Exchange while placing orders, ensure your orders are added to the Order Book and increase liquidity. By default, all market orders are executed immediately and are charged a taker fee.

To earn a rebate, a trader needs to ensure he places a limit order. For a Buy Limit Order, the order should be placed at a lower price than the current market price. For a Sell Limit Order, the order should be placed at a higher price than the current market price. This will ensure a trader receives Maker Fee rebate.

Main Features of Delta Exchange

There are a few features that set Delta Exchange apart from its peers and makes it a promising crypto derivatives exchange.

a. Reliable Liquidity – Delta Exchange has ensured that all the contracts listed on their exchange have liquidity for traders to trade in 24/7/365. Till date, there have hardly been any instances where the traders have found the contract books not liquid enough.

b. Leveraged Products – Traders can take up to 100x leverage on certain contracts like ether futures and more on the exchange. This enables traders to put up at a lower margin and gain higher exposure to trade.

c. Advanced API’s – Delta Exchange provides lighting fast REST APIs for programmatic trading and web socket feed for real-time market data.

The Team behind Delta Exchange

For a platform that has created such a niche and diverse trading style for traders, the team behind Delta has made it all feasible. Delta Exchange comprises a set of highly skilled and experienced individuals. The co-founders of Delta Exchange come from either background of Finance and Technology with great experience and in-depth knowledge. 

One of the biggest benefits of a well-experienced team and resourceful risk management systems is that it has helped to mitigate trader’s errors which are common in the cryptocurrency exchange world. Click here to know more about Delta Exchange and to kickstart your crypto derivatives trading game. Before signing up, look out for the various offers Delta Exchange is rolling out.

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