Baarish S2 on ZEE5: Complete Show Review

Romance is in the air, and one can easily figure it out the story portrayed by Ekta Kapoor in Baarish S2 on ZEE5. Ekta Kapoor is known among those producers who come up with something very amazing and extraordinary every time. This time she brings out season 2 of Baarish, and it is quite amazing to see. If you have no idea what the season is all about, then you have landed on our right page. Here will be going to discuss everything considering the show and within a while, you will have a clear report available with you.

Baarish S2 Cast:

       Sharman Joshi as Anuj

       Asha Negi as Gauravi

       Jeetemdra as jeetuji Gandhi

       Priya Banerjee as Shreya

       Vikram Singh Chauhan as Aniket

       ManitJoura as a lawyer

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Baarish season 2 is also one of the emotional, yet romantic web series launches to this time. In the first season, we have seen that Gauravi and Anuj decided to marry apart from the fact that their family will not be compatible because of their differences. Both of them are in Love with each other and with their families as well and holding onto the duties with their Love.

In Season 2, the post-marriage life has been shown. Both of them are having a lot of crisis with each other. They love story is quite complicated, and no one can say what they both will be going to do. Not only their personal issues but some financial issues as well let them stay away from each other. Some family prejudices, jealousy and resentment as well let them face a lot of trouble. Moreover, all these differences let them get separate as well. Both of them are going through a mental state where they cannot even expect themselves, and things are not working in their favour at all.

Music Tracks:

Along with the story, music tracks also contribute to the soul of series and this time the music in Baarish S2 is also very amazing. In this season the title track "Dil Ki gullak" have settle of heights and the song and tuning are also very amazing. RikBasu and PratibhaBaghel are the artists behind the song. If you have not listened to it now, then you must listen to it now and see why this is becoming one of the favourite songs by everyone. This song is so mesmerizing that you will feel like it is helping you in living all your moments with your loved one and you cannot stop listening to it.


Overall if we say that this story is a Perfect Combination of Love, and also the chemistry of couple can hold. No one can say that they both will be going to separate from each other, but the family coincidences let them reach the stage where they are looking forward to getting separate. It is quite devastating to see that how they both can decide to get separate apart from having a lot of Love, but when you watch this, you will be going to fall in love with that. Ekta Kapoor has produced this in a manner which not let anyone feel this appointed in any case. There are so many reasons why this will let you pass through this lockdown very easily because the plot is something which you haven't expected. You have seen somewhat emotional drama in other series, but the things manage in the series are quite different. Here everything is up to the mark, and also they both are dealing with the stuff which let them live Happily Ever After.

If you have not seen it yet, then go to AltBalaji or Zee5 and watch it now. The soon you will see it, the soon you will be able to figure out why people are enjoying it a lot.

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