Top 6 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2020

Instagram has become widely popular these days and it won't be wrong to say that it is one of the top social media platforms we have. And since our culture and priorities are changing significantly, our status kinda lies on our Instagram account. Although it's not entirely "important" to have a cool Instagram account and become famous. But in today's generation, their social life starts from here.

The number of likes and views for their posts decides how cool or happening they are. Similarly, more Instagram followers mean more happening social life. And that's why people are always conscious about their likes, shares, and followers. And everyone wants to get popular by getting more likes and followers by best Instagram followers and likes apps.

Getting more followers on Instagram is also important for business accounts and social media influencers as it helps them reach more audience. Instagram is becoming an important social media platform for marketing. In this article, we are going to tell you how to increase the number of followers on Instagram. 

1. Hashtags 

Hashtags are the most important thing on Instagram. If you want to enhance your followers you are gonna come up with good hashtags as well. Your hashtags will ultimately decide how many people are gonna see your posts and this will result in more views for your profile as well as more followers. 

You can try to come up with your own new hashtag ideas and promote them as well. Or if you are not having any ideas you can also use some apps or other tools which will tell you the trending hashtags. Just use the hashtags more and more and don't forget to be creative. 

2. Good Captions 

Captions are also very very important and you will definitely need to have a good caption for the picture you are sharing on Instagram. It may be a story behind the picture or you may ask your followers a question and ask them to comment on the picture to start a conversation. 

This will make your followers know what kinda person you are and your thoughts for the picture. In some cases it is seen that people usually are more interested in the caption then the picture itself. 

3. Collaborate with Influencers 

Social media influencers are very popular and they are not someone you can take lightly when you wanna enhance your followers. You can ask the influencers to promote your account and that way you will gain more and more followers. 

See the thing is, influencers have a vast reach and a huge number of followings and they can influence their followers as well, it's a great fit for your Instagram marketing plan. You can either pay them for doing this or you can do the same for them as well (by promoting their account). 

4. Find a Theme for your Pictures 

If your pictures will have a good theme, this is more likely to get attention from the Instagram users. And researches have found the profiles with a specific theme is more likely to get more number of followers than a regular one. 

5. Post Consistently 

Your followers are following you to see your posts frequently so you have to please them in order to keep the existing one as well as getting new followers. So regular posting is a must if you want to grow your followers. 

6. Promote Own Account on other Social Media Platforms 

It's important to use all the social networks you have and increase your following through them. For example, you can share the link of your Instagram profile on your Facebook profile and let your Facebook followers know about your Instagram page. That way more and more people will see your Instagram profile and your followers will grow significantly.


So these are a few ways through which you can increase your Instagram followers. We hope you liked our article. For more technology updates, keep visiting our site. Thank you for visiting our page. 

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