BgEraser Background Eraser Review - Remove Photo Background Free

Overview for Online Background Eraser

Background Eraser is the best online eraser tool that you could be searching for. It is an automatic and powerful tool that removes the unwanted background. Background Eraser is powered by progressive AI technology to deliver high-quality images. It is recommendable since it is free, saves on time and money.
With Background Eraser, you will get high-quality images just as the original ones in only three steps. It is specially designed for both beginners and expert purposes, from photographers to designers, and car showrooms to marketers. The various tools enable you to integrate with your device locality and improve on the effectiveness of your work. 
Everything in this tool is automatic due to advanced machine learning and innovative artificial intelligence. You can get a quality photo with either a transparent or white background. It is therefore advisable that those who need a multipurpose and free background eraser tool should consider Background Eraser.

Background Eraser Features

1. Desktop Version

MacOS based systems and Windows have two equivalent versions to that of Background Eraser, although it serves as an online image background eraser. These tools are easy to use since their interfaces are almost similar to that of the web-based utility. It has several other features, including back up for high-res images that are approximately 2000*2000 pixels. This tool takes up as little as 3MB of storage space because it is connected with Background Eraser's servers.

2. Batch Processing

Batch processing eases the hustle of going through images individually in case you have many of them that need to be converted. This feature comes in handy to delete the backgrounds of many images at once. To use this option, you have to create an account on the Background Eraser website, which only needs an email with a password or even use a desktop version that has all features employed.

Advantages of Using Background Eraser

The following are some benefits of using Background Eraser.
1. Advanced Technology
Background Eraser is based on progressive machine learning and AI technology. This makes it more efficient in regards to quality services.
2. No Charges
This tool offers services at no cost. All clients enjoy free quality services.
3. Efficiency
Background Eraser is efficient and does all the image conversions in a fraction of a second after uploading the photo and clicking on the start button. This tool analyzes the image pixel by pixel to effectively distinguish areas of the foreground and background.
4. Simplicity
Background eraser has important functions that are simplified and enable you to finish the tasks quickly. It is entirely automated, and you won't have to mark anything. Its simplicity makes it usable by all persons. It is only a three-step process.
5. Confidentiality
Working with a Background eraser ensures your privacy and safety of your images because you are the only person involved. All files are uploaded on the cloud for one day hence no cause for alarm.
6. Time Conscious
Background Eraser is fast and efficient, and this makes you get the best results in a very short time.

How to Use Online Background Eraser

1. Uploading the image
Drag and drop the preferred image into the selected area. You should then choose the algorithm for conversion. The image is then separated into layers by the AI technology leaving you with an impressive cut-out.
2. Wait for some time while the system is processing the uploaded image.
3. Click on the "Download" button
After clicking, the Background Eraser will spontaneously generate a specific link to your image with no background. However, be cautious of the 2MB image size as a limitation of the tool. If your image is greater than this, you will have to minimize it. Remember, the image results will only be in the PNG layout, even if you uploaded it in JPG. The reason behind it is that PNG is the only layout that provides transparent backgrounds.


Background Eraser is the best-automated tool to clear backgrounds from images in a fast and credible way. You should add it to your bucket list to enjoy quality services. This tool plays a critical role in designing photos, postcards and even business cards by erasing their backgrounds in a perfect manner.

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