5 Best Apps to Spy on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Are you worried about your family and friends as they are getting overprotective about their mobile phones? Did you ever try to sneak peek into their social media accounts but failed to do so due to the security measures? Well, we have got your back.
You have landed on the right page while searching for the best spying applications. We have got the best solution to ease your anxiety about spying. Modern spying applications are not less than a secret spy agent to help you save your loved ones from getting themselves into the mess.
Amidst deceitful environment, more folks are utilizing monitoring applications for spying. You can monitor who is texting to your loved ones and places they used to visit now and then. You can check your partner’s loyalty and keep your kids safe from cyber attacks.
There are a variety of spy applications that pop up when you search for phone monitoring apps. It becomes troublesome to select one due to a wide assortment of choices. This guide will help you in making the correct decision which will fit your expectations.

iPhone Monitoring Application without Jailbreak

The next-generation security features of iPhones do not allow spying over them without jailbreaking. If you want to spy over someone who uses an iPhone, you must learn hacking methodologies first to write complex lines of code to monitor their iOS devices.
However, many applications are there which are developed for novices by keeping their issues in mind. You can easily start using the applications discussed in this article without seeking help from an expert. Let’s begin without wasting time.

1.      Cocospy, Best Spy for iPhones

Cocospy is a reliable spying brand, you can try on Cocospy monitoring application which is equipped with many useful utilities. Due to its usability, Cocospy has been featured on international channels including Tom's Guide, Forbes, New York Times, CNET and Life wire.

If you want to spy on any iOS-based device, you should select Cocospy without any critical thinking. It is being used by millions of satisfied customers from all over the world due to its vital features. Spy agent appointments are decreasing to zero after spying applications.
Cocospy is a trustworthy spying application as your personal information is never saved to the database thus ensuring identity secrecy. The user-friendly interface of Cocospy helps beginners to start off even without reading long user manuals. There are not any technical skills required to use Cocospy.

How does Cocospy work on iPhones?
Cocospy is a secret agent to spy activities on the target iPhone as it works in stealth mode. The cutting edge stealth technology of Cocospy keeps it undetectable while spying over anymore. You can remotely monitor any iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.
Go through this stepwise process to know about how to use Cocospy on iPhones.
Step 1:
Register your new account for free by clicking on the Signup button from the official website of Cocospy. Make sure to provide a working email address and set a complex password.
Step 2:
At this stage, you should select the target device type. For Android devices, physical access is a must for a one-time installation as you can't install any application distantly due to permission issues. Select the iPhone if the target device to be spied over is iOS based.

The cherry on the cake for monitoring iOS devices is the remote installation. You don’t have to touch the device at all. App installation is done remotely using iCloud credentials of the target device which makes it a root-free application for monitoring iPhones. Cocospy takes 2 minutes to get the data from iCloud remotely.
Step 3:
Hit the Finish button once you have successfully installed Cocospy on the target iOS device. This will open the Cocospy dashboard. Navigate to the required application you want to monitor remotely. The left pane of the Cocospy dashboard incorporates useful services for spying.

Things that Cocospy brings for you
There are more than 35 fully-functional utilities that Cocospy has to offer. But, we will discuss a couple of them in this article.
The Keylogger feature of Cocospy makes it stand out in the market. You can get each keystroke made on the target device without being noticed at all. Cocospy logs all key presses of target iPhone which include text messages, login id, password and much more.

       Location Tracker
Cocospy helps you to track the real-time location of the target device with the help of a location tracker. You can trace them on GPS and get their location coordinate stealthily. Cocospy also helps you to track their recently visited places without jailbreaking their devices to turn on location.
       Track Social Media Accounts
Cocospy enables spying over all social media accounts being used at the target iPhone. You can check their conversations on social networking sites. Cocospy allows you to spy over posts that are not even accessible to your social media profiles as they are hidden by the target user.

       Check Call Logs
You can check anyone's contact details by selecting the Call log tab from the Cocospy dashboard. Mostly contacted numbers are available in the favorites list along with call frequency and duration. Cocospy call logs are equipped with time and date stamps for all contacts.

       Message Tracker
Cocospy allows you to read their iMessages and SMS without rotting their devices. Click on the message tab from the Cocospy dashboard and all conversations of the target device will appear shortly. Even if they delete the messages, Cocospy will have the backup.

2.      Spyier

Spyier is a reliable monitoring application without jailbreaking the target iPhone. You can install Spyier remotely using the iCloud login id and password of the target user. Spyier gathers the data remotely and shows it to your web-based Spyier dashboard. You can also enable geofence alerts for creating a virtual boundary around a target device to receive alerts when they cross the limit.

3.      Minspy

Minspy allows you to spy over your loved ones without being noticed. You can secretly spy over their social media accounts, calls, messages and check browser history remotely from the Minspy dashboard. It is a web-based utility so you don’t need to install any application on your smart devices.

4.      Spyine

Spyine helps you to monitor anyone’s iPhone without resetting it and introducing any spying application. You can install Spyine without jailbreaking the target device. Once installed, the Spyine logo disappears from the target device. Only you can view it in the installed application list with a secret code. It works in the secret mode without notifying the target user.

5.      Spyic

Spyic has also been in top-rated spying applications due to its flexibility. You can use any internet-capable device to open a Spyic web-based dashboard. It is a remote spying solution so that you can use any handheld device to access the information. You can also subscribe to Spyic for monitoring more than one device at a time.

The Final Verdict
You can select any of them as these applications don’t require jailbreaking the target device for monitoring it. You can spy on all types of data including text messages, audio, video, and other document files by staying safe in the stealth mode. If you don't know where to start, choose Cocospy as it will run on any operating system to fetch the information remotely

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