5 Tips for Finding the Best Sports Betting Apps

There are hundreds of sports betting apps out there, so much so that knowing which one to make your wagers in is a bet in and of itself. Different providers offer varying levels of quality, security, and bonuses (the good stuff). With an entire world of sports wagering at your fingertips, whether you use an iPhone or an Android, you’ll want to be confident that you’re downloading the best of the best. So whether you’re just getting into online betting or looking to switch to a better app, here are 5 tips to remember on your search to find the best apps for mobile sports betting.

Read the Reviews

Reviews are a great measuring stick for a number of reasons. First, they give a good general reading of users’ overall likability and trustworthiness of an app. Secondly, they allow you to easily filter out what features shine and stand out, and what features, or lack thereof, are a make or break. If it’s a winning feature, you’ll notice that plenty of users will rave about it. You’ll also figure out what really isn’t working, and what’s making users uninstall almost immediately. Pay attention to what users have to say, from the ease of using the app and logging in, to the way odds are displayed. All these different factors end up making a difference in the overall betting experience you’ll have.

For a more authentic look into the quality of an app, check out reviews left outside of the app’s designated page to help you make an unbiased decision. Consider external sites like Twitter or Reddit and see what users are saying about it there.

Sort by Sport

You can expect most sports betting apps to offer every major game of a sport. But while this is true, the quality of the different sports offered aren’t always the same across the board. The reason being is that some apps choose to highlight a specific sport over the others, and it’s typical that it brings the most users to the app based on the sport being offered. Here’s a good starting point: Focus on the sport you’re interested in betting in, then compare apps based on the quality being offered. 

Search for Apps by Trusted Developers

Security and safety are key in sports betting. If you’re going to be investing your time and money into an app, you’ll want to make sure that your bets are being honored and that you’re not running any unnecessary risks. Sports betting apps that have partner sites on the internet are usually good indicators of a safe app, as you can verify the data. Familiar logos and developers are also safe bets when selecting which ones to go with. If some apps make you feel weary by the information being requested, like your phone number, look for ones that instead only require an email or username.

Look for the Best Bonuses

Sometimes, the level of bonuses being offered from one app to the next are the only big difference between the two. But it’s a big difference that can reward you handsomely and one you’ll want to be on the lookout for. Many sports betting apps will offer promotional bonuses to new customers, so that’s something you’ll want to take full advantage of. Of course, other features are important when it comes to sports betting apps, but free money is free money! The point, after all, is winning big.

Helpful Tools

If you’re trying to make substantial earnings from analyzing sports odds, you’ll want all the help from an app you can get. Look for apps that offer a variety of tools that can help you interpret the numbers and help you with the bookmaking. Tools like odds calculators are useful in determining a more accurate estimate between the odds and a hopeful payout, and it saves you the stress of trying to crunch the numbers on your own. Other popular, helpful tools include hedging calculators and sports betting spread to moneyline converters. Using whatever you have at your disposal through a quality app can guarantee you a betting edge.

There you have it, sports bettors. To stay on top of your game, you’re going to need the best sports betting apps in the game. Remember to consider these key factors the next time you’re deciding on which app you’ll want to use to place those winning bets!

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