4 Free SEO Tools for Small Business to Rule the Online Marketing

A small business does not involve large financial sums to kick start. For such entrepreneurial ventures, a good unique idea carries more importance. Similarly, small business owners do not have monetary sums to improve SEO results. Today, the right SEO strategy is necessary if products/services have to be marketed in the correct manner. It is not necessary to use paid SEO tools. There are various online tools that offer free access to the user. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Backlinks Maker

Running an online brand is not a simple task. Credibility matters a lot and people only visit websites which they completely trust. This is the reason why only a handful of websites get a healthy count of customers. A backlinks maker helps you connect with the top-notch websites which already have a good reputation.

Connecting with websites that are already established is a helpful move for new brands. These websites have a good count of traffic. People visit them regularly as they have good visitors. A backlink maker generates a list of websites that are available to connect with. Along with that, you can check the domain authority and page authority for each one of them. These factors determine the standing of the website. Having a low domain authority means that website is not established.

2. Article Rewriter

In the current digital world, top quality content is the strongest component to market products / offered services.

Through articles, you can create awareness regarding your brand and the targeted niche. People who run small-scale businesses do not have large budgets for marketing purposes. To carry out a full-scale digital promotion campaign, a large monetary sum is needed. By posting appealing posts and articles, you can get the needed attention without spending money.

Writers using an article rewriting tool do not have to prepare posts from the start. In addition to that, these posts are submitted on different websites and social media platforms. The purpose is getting the attention of people. If you are submitting a guest post, make sure that the link to the website is inserted naturally in the content. Stuffing should be avoided at all times because it reduces the readability level. A major percentage of these tools are free and the usage procedure is very simple.

3. Favicon Generator

It is much easier to market brands that have something different to offer. A favicon is a small image that appears on the browser tab. Brands that use favicons are easier to identify. Hence, people start remembering them. In other words, this is a good SEO tool that can be used to market a brand online for free. Apart from offering free usage, the steps of generating a favicon are very simple.

A favicon generator helps users in selecting key parameters including color combination and size. To make the maximum impact, it is important for a favicon to have the correct size.

This tool is quite simple to use. The key task is uploading the desired image. After that, you need to make relevant adjustments including the selection of text size and color options.

4. Social Media Likes Counter

Social media is a very impactful mode for marketing a brand. Consider that you have published a post on a Facebook page. How would you determine the response given to the post? It is a tiring process to open social media pages every time and determine the number of likes. An easier alternative is using a social media likes counter. This tool is extremely easy and any user can generate the number of likes.

To begin with, enter the URL of the website for which the number of likes has to be determined. After that click the button to analyze the URL address. In this way, the number of likes on the submitted post would be shown to you. This tool can be used to market a brand on all social media platforms including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.


Running a small business is not that simple after all. This is because there is a limited budget for everything including marketing. People who own these businesses cannot afford to spend large financial sums for promotion and product marketing. There are several free SEO tools that can be used to market a product.

For instance, the backlinks making helps you in finding the URL addresses of well-known websites you can connect with. It takes a lot of time for any new website to build trust and get customers. Connecting with an established website makes the task a lot easier. Well-known domains have a name due to which their traffic count does not drop.

By using these tools, a professional connection with these reputed domains is constructed. As a result, small business owners can divert this large chunk of traffic to their own page.

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