Sports in Business Trends - What is Playing the Big Role?

The Euro Cup 2020 is around the corner and we can see how the most famous sport of the globe is creating different business trends. This is one of the most expensive sports events, and the prize money that is going to be offered to the teams is huge. There are some Euro 2020 odds that you might want to look at to know how big is this sport event. But the real business here is the sports betting market.

Recently a research has been published about this trend and how it is expected to continue during the period 2018-2022. The market analysis is called “Global Sports Betting Market” and it foresees an 8.62% increase during the mentioned years, taking into account the whole revenue generated from all sports betting. One of the leading sectors is virtual sports betting, thanks to the spreading of mobile devices which allow the people to bet from anyplace, anytime. It also depends on the popularity of sports video games. Players are also fascinated by the fact that online betting is based on a computer algorithm, which guarantees the absence of any kind of biases.

The report shows how the digital revolution is playing a key role in the market, allowing consumers to easily reach odds and sports books on legal and secure websites and apps. Sports betting is becoming the most important sector of the whole e-commerce business, especially during events such as the World Cup or the Champions League.

The Global Sports Betting Market report is divided by geographic areas and it covers America, EMEA and APAC. The prediction underlines a continued and rapid interest in African betting market, since many countries started to propose new laws about gambling and betting regulation. Europe has always been interested in betting, thanks to the presence of the major football leagues. Football is, of course, the main sport in the continent, and it is also the sport that creates a larger part of sports betting revenues. In Europe, there are many of the main sports betting operators, guaranteed by national and international institutions, like Gambling Commission in UK, AAMS in Italy, ARJEL in France or DGOJ in Spain. But European operators are starting to invest significantly in the United States, now that new regulation and permissions are starting to grow. In the US the Supreme Court finally overturned the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act), which had banned betting since 1992. The sentence of last May 14 allows the states to legalize and regulate the betting industry. We can expect the market to exceed the provision, as it happened in 2017.

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