How to Send Money via UPI to a Bank Account (Google Pay)?

With the advancement in technology, now sending money is a matter of seconds. With various applications available in the market you can choose to do it from whichever app you are comfortable with. However, we personally recommend the Google Pay app as it comes with the security of Google, so you know your money is in the right hands.

Without much hassle, you can transfer the money with a click of a button. All you need to do is download the Google Pay app either on Google Play or iOS app store. Enter the mobile number registered with your bank account; after which you would need to verify your phone, which Google will attempt to do by sending an OTP, once the same is confirmed you will be able to enter the app.

You can set up Google PIN for protection; we definitely recommend doing this as this secures your app.

Now all you need to do is add a bank account and ensure that your bank allows making transactions via UPI; if it does not, then you will not be able to transfer money.

Once you have this done; tap on the left corner, it will open a different option, ‘Bank Account’ and then click on ‘Add Bank Account’. The Details needed are:

        Account Number
        IFSC Code

Do cross-check all the entered details and make sure the IFSC code is correct (verify your IFSC code here), else you might not be able to make the transfer.

Google Pay will showcase a list of banks that are UPI enabled, and you can choose your bank. And that’s it! Once you have added the bank, you will be allowed to send money. There are times when people already have a UPI PIN without even knowing, so in such cases; you will have the option to reset by merely choosing the Forgot PIN option and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Send Money: Once you have successfully added your bank account, you can send and receive payment. Now you can start sending money; select the person you want to make this payment to by either UPI ID or only their mobile number. Enter the amount, and you will be able to send the amount selected once the UPI PIN has been authenticated.

Request Payment: It is easy to request for payment; you need to enter the amount and enter ‘Request’, your payment Request shall be sent.

Also, in case you need to send money via a different bank account, Google Pay allows you to do that as well. You can either add another bank account or delete an existing one and then add a new one. Click on the top left corner and go to ‘Bank Account’; it will display the list of bank accounts already listed, now delete an account by clicking Remove Account or add a new account.

The best thing is you can send money to any of your friends or family members without having to log in to the bank app again and again. You can even pay bills directly from your bank account with the help of Google Pay.

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