How to Login Belkin Router & Access Setup Page?

If you have been facing some issues with your Belkin router and want to solve that problem, then you have come to the right place. First step to solve any router related problem is to log in to the router. You can’t solve any problem if you don’t know the login details.

Belkin has numerous router models but all of them have the same firmware. Having the same firmware provides standardization, thus making the login process similar on all the models. But to login into a Belkin router requires you to know some things upfront.

The things that you need to know and do for logging into a Belkin router are:

1: Default Gateway of Belkin Router

To login into the Belkin router, you need to know the website through which you can access the Belkin Setup Console. The link to that webpage is actually the default Belkin IP which is Just enter this on your browsers search area and you would be directed onto that page.

2: Establishing a connection with the Belkin router

One basic requirement of logging into a Belkin router is that you should already have an established connection with the network. You can access the Belkin console dashboard only if you have a solid connection either through wired or wireless.

The things that you can do after logging into a Belkin router:

  • You can reset or change the network name and password.

  • You can setup parental control.

  • Update the router firmware.

  • Restore router to default factory settings.

  • You can change the DNS server of your entire network.

  • You can allocate a new address to your system when you want to host a server through Dynamic DNS feature.

  • You can connect this router with another router to extend the reach of your wireless network.

Now let’s talk about the procedure for logging into the Belkin router.

1: First you need to establish a connection between your computer and the Belkin router. This can be done either through the Ethernet cable or through the Wifi network.

2: The open your browser. You can use any of the browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

3: Click onto your URL box and enter the Belkin default IP. The Belkin default IP is

4: Once you have entered the official default Belkin ID, a new webpage will open. On this webpage, there will be a dialog box asking for your login ID and password. By default, the login details of a Belkin router are:
Username: admin
Password: password

5: After you enter all these details, press the login button. After this, the home page of the router firmware will appear. If that happens, that means you have successfully logged in to your Belkin router.

Some tips and tricks:

  • If you are facing any error while trying to access the page on address, the clear your browser cache and retry.

  • Avoid typing this address in the search bar and use the URL box at the top of the router.

  • If a browser has difficulty accessing the firmware webpage, then try another router.

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