Rummy Rules Scoring : Fast-Track Your Rummy Rules and Strategies

rules of rummy

Just got to know from your buddies that online rummy is a great game to play? It’s a heady mix of fun and money-making prospects. Want to buck up your rules and strategies of rummy? Can’t wait to try your hand at the thrilling rummy games? Keep reading this article to get answers to your questions.

Every Lock Has a Key

You would be delighted to know that online rummy is a simple game that anyone can easily learn. However, to master this card-melding game, you need to walk an extra mile - put in a little extra effort to gain a thorough grasp on its fundamentals, that include its rules, tips, tricks, and strategies. Not to worry, it’s not a big deal if you follow the easy and interesting learning strategies mentioned here that help you to quickly comprehend the desired rummy fundamentals.

Excellent Tutorial Material

You need not to look here and there. Just log in to, an ocean of rummy knowledge. It is a one-stop-shop when it comes to understanding the nitty-gritty of the skill game as also its smart hacks, implementing which, can change the course of the game. Read a few blogs dedicated to rummy rules and strategies. You are sure to get a gist of things. The reason is that the game does not have too many rules, and as such, the strategies are also limited in number, albeit wide in scope.

The YouTube Passage

Whatever you wish to learn, YouTube offers an easy yet resourceful route. You must have seen your acquaintances learning how to cook by watching YouTube videos. And not to mention, they sometimes prepare nice delicacies in the very first attempt. What we intend to emphasise is that you can definitely gain a sound insight into rummy rules, gameplay, and its strategies by watching relevant YouTube videos. Visuals ensure better efficacy. That’s why smart classes have become the order of the day!

Theory to Practical - Step 1 - Free Practice Games

What is the difference between knowledge and experience? Both complement each other, but the former is incomplete without the latter. Now, that you have adequate knowledge of various aspects of rummy, it’s time to practically implement them., for one, is a credible site that offers its players the facility of Free Practice Games. Herein, you play with chips, i.e., you win chips, and you lose chips. When you do something on your own, you get to know where you stand, and what works for you, and what you need to work on.

Theory to Practical - Step 2 - Get Rs 50 to Play With

Who doesn’t love freebies? Register with Rummy Passion, and verify your e-mail and registered mobile number. Doing just this much, gets you Rs 50 from the site. Start playing with this free money on Rs 0.10 value table. Let’s make it clearer. The maximum loss on this table would be of Rs 8. You can consider it as a kind of mock test before going for the real exam. It’s going to build your confidence.

Theory to Practical - Step 3 - Freeroll Tourneys

Deposit Rs 100, and the paltry sum would be your gateway to ‘n’ number of Freeroll tournaments, i.e., you can participate in as many Freeroll contests as you want. The most exciting feature of these heavy-duty competitions is that if you win here, you get the prize money in your account, but if, it so happens that you lose, nothing goes from your account. Why did we call them heavy-duty? It’s because these tourneys being literally free of cost, witness participation of rummy heavy-weights or expert rummy players. When you pick up the gauntlet thrown by the aficionados, you are bound to gain a lot of experience even if you lose!

You are Ready to Roll with Rummy

Good judgement comes from experience, but experience itself comes from bad judgements. After climbing up the aforementioned steps, you would start feeling confident enough of your knowhow of Rummy Rules and Strategies. Could there be a faster and easier way to assimilate the desired rummy essentials? High on confidence and low on complacency, that’s how one should be to play the brain game of 13 card Indian Rummy dexterously!

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